Meet Senior Decision Makers From E&P Companies In The Permian Basin, With The Following Job Titles:

COOs, VP's, Directors, Managers, Team Leads & Chiefs Of...

  • Geology
  • Geophysics
  • Petrophsyics
  • Geomechanics
  • Geochemistry
  • Seismic
  • Reservoir
  • Technology
  • Unconventional Resources
  • Permian Basin

Plus Providers Of Product Services & Support Including:

  • Geophyiscal Solutions
  • 3D Seismic Technology Providers
  • Microseismic Technology Suppliers
  • Reservoir Characterization Service Companies
  • Well Logging Companies
  • Borehole Imaging Companies
  • Core Analysis Companies
  • Petrophysical Solutions
  • Sequence Stratigraphy Solutions
  • Geomechanical Solutions


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Permian Basin Geology & Geophysics Congress 2014   Is the first E&P led technical forum specifically designed for geologists, geophysicist and petrophysicists working in unconventional plays in the Permian Basin.

Our History...

...and success in the niche unconventional Oil and Gas space reaches back to 2010 through American Business Conferences and our sister companies, Canadian and London Business Conferences.

We spearhead a multitude of cutting edge and forward thinking Summits. They are focused on a variety of geographical locations, all designed to deliver solutions to specific technical, strategic and tactical challenges the industry is facing from geology and completions to water management and midstream infrastructure to media relations.

Examples Of Our Groundbreaking Events Include...

Permian Markets And Takeaway Infrastructure 2013

Marcellus NGL & Shale Gas Infrastructure Summit

Eagle Ford Midstream Infrastructure Summit 2011

Bakken Product Markets & Takeaway Capacity 2012

2nd Marcellus & Utica NGL & Shale Gas Infrastructure Summit

Permian Markets & Midstream Infrastructure 2012

Eagle Ford Product Markets 2012

Crude Oil Markets, Rail & Pipeline Takeaway Summit: Western Canada 2012

Bakken Product Markets & Takeaway Capacity 2013

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As operators in the Permian Basin increasingly turn their attention towards unconventional plays...

...Geologists, geophysicists and petrophysicists working in the region are finding themselves faced with a fresh set of challenges. Specifically operators are looking to understand the most effective and efficient ways of applying geoscientific data to optimize drilling and completions strategies so that they can maximize the productivity of unconventional plays in the region including the Wolfcamp, Bone Spring, Cline, Spraberry & Avalon.

Because of this, the Permian Basin Geology & Geophysics Congress 2014 will provide the first E&P led technical forum specifically designed for geologists, geophysicist and petrophysicists working in unconventional plays in the Permian Basin.

Featuring 100% E&P-led content, with no vendor presentations, the event will provide 20+ brand new case studies focusing on:

PLAY BY PLAY ANALYSIS:   Explaining how geological & geophysical information is being used to optimize productivity in plays including the:





USING SEISMIC IN THE PERMIAN BASIN: Evaluating how operators are using seismic data to identify productive well locations & optimize completions in Permian Basin plays

MAPPING FAULTS & NATURAL FRACTURES: Determining how operators are modeling faults & natural fractures & using this information to plan drilling & completions strategy & maximize productivity in Permian Basin plays

WELL LOGS & CORE SAMPLES: Understanding how to integrate data from well logs & core samples to build a reservoir description that helps improve the performance of the field

MATCHING PETROPHYSICAL AND GEOMECHANICAL PROPERTIES TO PRODUCTIVITY: Explaining how porosity & permeability distributions, grain size, maturity, organic richness and oil in place are being used to accurately predict the productivity of Permian Basin reservoirs


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